Sunday, May 19, 2013

I'm a Junior Now

There are some things I forgot to mention! A few weeks ago I went to Richmond Park with Ellyn, Kaley and Maddy for a run.... which turned into a 5 hour walk! Rachel met us later on that day, but by that point we were too tired to do any more walking so we just sat in the sun for a while. That wasn't the best idea because Kaley got sunburn!

Wednesday was possibly the most exciting day for me.... I turned in my last paper at Uni so I'm officially done! It's so strange to think that I'm a junior now. I went back to my house for the rest of the day since Kaley and Maddy were doing the last bit of their school work. It was nice to have a relaxing day! I opened a new box of Twinnings tea and they gave me 2 extra tea bags of a different flavor! So I tweeted to them how excited I was about it and they favorited the tweet. Then, Tanya Burr, a Youtuber and make-up artist, tweeted about how she was going to have a London meet up in a few weeks so I tweeted her saying how excited I was to go, but wish it was a different day so Maddy could come. I got a phone call a few minutes later from Maddy asking if I was on my computer (I had turned it off while I was putting my laundry away). When I said no she told me to guess who responded to my tweet. It was Tanya! She told me sorry Maddy couldn't come, but was excited to meet me. She's so sweet! And then to make things even better, Maddy can come! She got her days confused on when her parents were coming. Then that night, Marcus Butler, another Youtuber, tweeted something like "Hope you're all having a good day" and I responded that I had a lazy day and he favorited it. I don't know what was up with my twitter luck that day, but it was good.

On Thursday Kaley came over for a bit. We had some clothes we wanted to give away so we had room in our suitcases. I got rid of some basics, plain colored shirts, some leggings and socks.... things I can easily replace back home. Rachel also had a lot of clothes to give away. There is a dumpster in my neighborhood that you can put clothes in and the clothes will then be sent to people in other countries that are in need of them, so we did that! Since Maddy was taking her last test at Uni, Kaley and I hung around my house for a bit. We met up with Maddy later and had dinner to celebrate being done!

I found my coke bottle at Waterloo! 
We went into the city on Friday so Kaley could do her last minute souvenir shopping. We also went to Brick Lane, which we thought would be full of markets, but it was little shops instead. It was very much a "hipster" area. Since the shops were privately owned it was all expensive. It was a cool area, but not my favorite. The Great Gatsby came out this weekend in the UK! We have all been dying to see it, so we went back to Kingston for that. It was really good.... of course Leonardo did Gatsby justice! I brought my copy of the book here to re-read before the movie came out, but that didn't happen. I am feeling more motivated to read it now, though!

We had another Kingston day on Saturday. Got some milkshakes at Sblendid, walked around the Bentall's Center, then went to the pub to waste some time before we went bowling. We told Ellyn we would meet her there at 8. I haven't been bowling since high school I think, but I forgot how fun it is! I'm not very good at it, though. But practice makes perfect! The alley was weird though because we didn't need bowling shoes. Half of the alley you did and the other half you didn't. We figured since we had a small group they gave us one of the smaller alleys. I was fairly disappointed because I wanted to wear the bowling shoes. We went to Frankie & Benny's for some pizza and then went home.

Today is Kaley's last day in London. It is the weirdest thing to think that I still have 3 weeks here but won't be hanging out with her everyday. I can't even text her... But at least I have Maddy and Ellyn still! I decided that study abroad is almost cruel (but still amazing!). I have made some of my best friends here and now we are going to be separated again. Thankfully Kaley is a fellow Michigander so we can see each other fairly easily!

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