Monday, May 6, 2013

And The 'Goodbyes' Begin

Uni classes are officially done! I can honestly say that I like the American school system much better. I know we all complain about going to class, but at least you are learning information. We learn at Uni here, but it much more independent learning. They expect you to read the readings they recommend and do more research on your own. It is really different from what I am use to back home.

The magazine I have been working on for my journalism class was finished last week and it looks amazing! My group did a really good job with it, even our module leader seemed really impressed!

On Wednesday I had my British Life and Culture final. It was only 10 questions and a short essay. It was pretty easy, especially since we got the essay questions ahead of time and we got to decide which one we wanted to write about. That class is officially done!

The rest of the week was finishing any more papers I had to write and revising them all. All of my friends had homework to do, as well, so nothing exciting happened. Actually, one exciting thing happened... 5 Seconds of Summer (the band that opened for One Direction on tour) followed me on twitter! I would like to give a shout out to Kaley's phone case for that. 

Friday is when the goodbyes started. Sarah is heading back to Australia on Wednesday so she arranged a get together at the local pub, which is where many of us first got to know each other. I wasn't expecting to cry, but when Sarah came over to give me a hug goodbye I stood up and then she just startred crying. She then told me "Laura, nooooo!!" because apparently just looking at her made her cry. Sorry Sarah! But that right there made me cry, as well. I think none of us actually thought we would have to say goodbye to each other. Yes, we all have plane tickets booked back to our homes, but we just never thought studying in London would actually end.

On Saturday I had dinner with Maddy and we talked about the beginning of our trip here. We would each mention little things that the other forgot and just be amazed at how much we have done. We walked by the river and saw the most amazing sunset.... it made it that much more difficult to know we are leaving soon! We met Ellyn at McDonalds for some ice cream before we all went back to our homes for the night.

Monday is Bank Day! Just a holiday for banks to be closed.... but it was also Ellyn's 20th birthday! Officially two decades old! There was a fair in Kingston, so Ellyn, Kaley, Maddy and I decided to spend the day there. It was absolutely beautiful weather... we really lucked out! We walked around and listened to a lot of street performers and even danced to some swing music! Rachel met us later and we went to have dessert at Frankie and Benny's and it was delicious! I don't remember if I ever talked about my fear of balloons, but one popped in the restaurant and I screamed. No one else reacted, not even any of the little kids, but I got so scared! I had to deal with a lot of balloons at the fair... it was kind of a rough day with balloons.

Today marks the one month mark before I go home. I am in no way ready to leave! I can't wait to see my family and friends, start my summer job again and of course have home cooked meals, but I love living in a big city. The friends I have made here have made this experience so much more enjoyable.... I really think I lucked out with the friends I made, actually. Hands down, the best ones I could've asked for to share this journey with.

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  1. Hi!

    I found your blog through CMU study abroad. I wanted to read about London because I studied abroad twice with CMU, but never went to England and thought I'd see what your thoughts were on it.

    Anyway, I had to write something because you mentioned your fear of're not alone!! I'm absolutely terrified and have screamed in a restaurant because of them too! =D